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Partner's charges to 50% of the Commission (fees) of exchanger

We pay you for every referral request of the client. Tell about us to your friends, familiar, partners and earn.

Links can be found in your personal account and as well as authorization  there already be your ref link.

- How else can I advertise my referral link?

 You can put it in the signature on the forum, to create topics on forums and ads on bulletin boards, share it to the social -networks, hang a banner on your website.

   If you have any thematic sites - you can post it on ads and reviews with referral link.

   If you represent a monitoring - you can export exchange rates on links from the same account on the page "Partners"

Rules of the partner program

Interest on the partnership program is :

1.  Charges for the application of the client: 10% of the profits, initially.

2.  With accumulation of turnover the percentage allocations increased to 50%

3.  Link to attract the customers and promo- materials are available in the "Partners" in your account.

4.  If you represent a popular or a  target highly specific site we will ready to provide quality traffic ,   potentially payment for registration or increasing the percentage of reward.,

5.  Charges for the partnership program occur immediately after the success of the operation (exchange transactions).

6.  Bonus-account is your personal account, which reflects the overall balance of charges / write-downs on the partner program. Currency of bonus account "$, USD, UAH" – you can withdrawal almost any currency which represent in the exchanger.

7.  Withdrawals from bonus account instantly from your account on the page "MY Partners" The minimum amount for withdrawal of $ 10.

8.  All operations of the partner program as well as the other transactions are recorded and stored in the "History of Operations."

Earn up to 50% commission of our exchanger from every exchange of your referrals. The Referral link and statistics of your referrals you can see in your personal account.

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