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RULES of exchanger BELKAPAY

1.1 Rules of conduct exchange operations (Timing of transfer)

1.1.1 Terms of Admission payment.

Pay with Webmoney credited instantly.

Exchanges with YandeksMoney occur for 25 hours after payment (accounted for weekdays) and implemented in a manual mode for up to 72 hours from the time of payment.  All money exchangers comply with these Regulations Admission of Yandex Money

Payments from Privat Bank are firstly processed by Privat24. In average it is from 5 to 30 minutes. You can see the status of your payment into personal account Privat24 in the archive payment. As soon as the status will be "held" - it means that Privat bank  send us your payment succesfully.

Payment by cards Visa / Mastercard initially are processed by the bank. In average it is from 5 minutes to several hours, but may be delayed for several days. The money can be debited from the card, but not delivered to us. Therefore, we will not process your payment before sending payment to our system by bank.


1.1.2 Conditions of admission to the Resultant details after exchange

Payment to Webmoney, Yandex Money – is instantly.

Transfer funds to payment cards of Privat Bank takes from a few seconds up to several hours. The Processing period depends on the processing speed Privat24 payments and in average it takes 2-3 minutes.

Transfer funds to payment card like Visa / Mastercard takes from several hours to several days. the processing period depends on the speed of processing payments by banks and takes in general 2-3 hours.

You can ask all needed questions by contacting support in any convenient way.

1.1.3 There is a fee for the Manual Processing of transaction-from 0.5$ to 2,5$

2. The decision of the situation: you paid more than the amount of reserve

To avoid this situation, please check the currency reserves which are necessary for you or contact with operator if you have a large amount. If the money would received without agreement there are 2 various variant of solution : (both for  the discretion of  belkapay.com)

2.1Your transfer will be carried out by replenishing the reserves and recalculated at the exchange rate at the moment of payment.

2.2 We will refund your money. All the losses on commissions, partner charges are at your expense, and minus 0.5 $ 2.5 $ - the commission of manual processing.

3. The decision of the situation: you indicated the wrong details of your card

If there is a technical possibility to cancel your payment, we will try to help you in every way. But in most cases it will be impossible to return the payment. Please check the details for payment and maybe do the test of exchange (for cards Visa / MasterCard). The fees is charged from 0.5 to 2.5 $ for transaction processing in depending on the complexity of the situation.

4. The decision of the situation: you were paid after the expiry of the application

The Course upon application is relevant for 7 minutes after creation. If the payment is held after 5 minutes it will be canceled, the possible solutions to the discretion of the administration: the new conversion rate, returned (commissions, partnerships, and $ 0.5 for manual processing at your expense), after replenishing the reserves.

5. Rules of solving problems

The solution of  all problematic situations occur through the mail [email protected] You need to include the number of application, detailed description of the problem, and if it is necessary, to enter the new details of card. The term of consideration the applications for mail is to 3 working days.

6. The Commissions (fees) of the payment systems

The customer pays a fee for the transfer to our account. The seller pays the commission for the transfer to the customer. Pay attention, please, that some systems may further take the commission from the amount which we sent to your account. That systems like Payeer (0.95%), cards for payments Privatbank (0.5%).

7. Check the user's identity

In some cases, with anti-money laundering, as well as clearance returns or restructuring, our service may request the user the identity documents.

8. Force majeure

It is possible that there are some deviations from the regulations which happen without our fault.. For the most of this operations there is a third party (banks, payment systems), on which we have no control , and in the case of problems on the side of the intermediary (non-functional site, API, technical work, the loss of the transfer within the payment system) to the terms of the regulations we  added the time troubleshooting on the side intermediary service.

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