nice : nice service
342 days ago
asdsad : great
406 days ago
Mariusz : All ok. Fast and very good exchange rate. Thanks.
431 days ago
Michal : superb fast!
439 days ago
Rizky : Nice One :)
469 days ago
Abdul Hayat : Very fast
513 days ago
md jewel : best exchanger
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Jahrul : Great Service. Third time i use this site.
640 days ago
Руслан : Perfect!
856 days ago
KATRIKA : What's the purpose of the transaction ID: 55e427c9aa6c019b0885c6c5cd3e152b. THERE MUST BE AN INTERNAL CRYPTO-WALLET FOR ALL COINS. For amateurs like myself who cannot use it too well. install the wallets on the dashboards for your clients & partners. thank you!!
956 days ago